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Take your event to any internet connection in the world with a Paperless Events live webcast.

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Webcasting & Video Conferencing

Aimed at maximising the benefit of speaker presentation through the internet, Paperless Events aims to optimise a service where physical presentation is not possible.

With greater advancements in the internet occurring each day, the Paperless Events web casting service seeks to fill the gap where cost, time and commitment can prohibit providing delegates with the ultimate in speaker and program experience.

The product has been developed to prevent delay in download and streaming and to provide the highest in technology advancements through audiovisual assistance. Interference, poor quality and questionable providers are eliminated through clever software development and established and tested online providers.

This service can also be adopted to allow PCO’s to provide their clients with another income stream via a ‘webinar’ style setup. Through a private URL, delegates can register to attend the conference, or certain elements of the program through the conference website. The Conference can then also be attended, after the physical conference has actually completed.

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